Covering letter for academic journal submission

This poor effort would certainly not help the editor in question to seriously deem your paper fit for publication it does not say who the writer is, what he is submitting and why it should be considered for publication to be honest, many editors say that they do not read, or seriously consider, the cover letters they receive. Completing an article for an academic journal is an impressive accomplishment, but don't turn off your computer yet you still have to write a cover letter to accompany it part query letter, part sales pitch, the cover letter should encapsulate what your journal article is about, convince the editor that his readers. Writing a cover letter to a journal is a bit of a dark art (like so many aspects of academia), but after time and advice from more senior academics, i've got a your submission guidelines, i have [done what the submission guidelines asked you to do – attached the manuscript in pdf format/enclosed two hard. Cover letter december 26, 2007 editorial department of asian journal pharmaceutical sciences shenyang pharmaceutical university no103, wenhua road, shengyang 110016, china dear editor of ajps i am submitting a manuscript for consideration of publication in asian journal of pharmaceutical sciences.

Sample cover letter for submission of manuscripts chief editor new horizons / business strategies research journal faculty of social sciences / faculty of management sciences greenwich university karachi subject: submission of manuscript for. The cover letter gives you the opportunity to present an overview of your manuscript to the editor your cover letter should include the objective and approach of your research any novel contributions reported why your manuscript should be published in this journal any special considerations about your submission. The posting below gives some great advice on writing a persuasive cover letter for your research paper submission it is from chapter 33 – the cover explain which section of the target journal would be most appropriate for your manuscript (eg, original articles, brief communications, or reviews) in the salutation of the. Learn how to write a convincing journal submission cover letter, starting from what to include and exclude short list of similar articles previously published by journal list of relevant works by you or your co-authors that have been previously published or are under consideration by other journals you can.

A well-written, properly formatted cover letter is the first impression an editor of a journal has of the submitting author make sure that your cover letter is free of typographical errors, misspellings, casual language, and any other idiosyncrasies such as a nonstandard font a good cover letter will ensure that the content of your. A good cover letter is a crucial part of the manuscript submission package to nature methods it is not simply an manuscripts submitted to nature methods must first pass an editorial evaluation stage, but as professional editors, we are not experts in every scientific field that the journal covers providing. Firstly, in order to write a cover letter, its important to understand the difference between a cover letter and the title page while the former is a letter or email that introduces your manuscript to the journal editor, the latter is the first page of the article or other written work on which the article's title, author and other important.

When submitting a scientific article for publication, always include a cover letter the journal editor is going to decide whether to send the article to the reviewers by reading the letter and the abstract of your manuscript the cover letter is an important component of the submission process, providing an excellent opportunity. One of the most neglected aspects of journal submission is the cover letter finally, some journals require that you submit a list of potential reviewers in the cover letter and also allow you to mention any researchers who should not review with professional expertise in academic writing and publishing. Writing a compelling cover letter to submit with your manuscript is more important than most authors realize after all, publishing, at its core, is still a business built on relationships tailoring your cover letter to the interests of the acquisition editor makes a good first impression this is especially important if.

How important is it to include a cover letter with a manuscript submission it seems that opinions differ a 2013 article in science careers asked if it was a “ relic” but in a recent editorial, a journal editor reassures his readers that yes, he reads every cover letter — and yes, it's important (if you agree with him. Get expert answers to your questions in scientific publication, journal articles, journal editing and academic writing and more on researchgate, the professional network for scientists.

Covering letter for academic journal submission

One of the last things that comes to mind when preparing manuscripts for submission is the cover letter, yet it is the first (and sometimes only) item read by the journal editor the editor-in-chief or subject matter editor will often use your cover letter to determine if your manuscript is appropriate for their journal. Suggested cover letter for author journal submission enclosed is a manuscript to be considered for publication in with the nih policy i, as corresponding author on behalf of all the authors, am retaining the rights for all authors and their representatives (such as their respective university employers) to. First, by all means follow any instructions given to you for the cover letter on the journal submission website those will override at least, this has been my experience, with 5 articles already in print, all originally submitted as abstracts ( except one, an invited contribution) reply ↓ kyle on april 28, 2013.

  • If you are submitting a revised paper to the same journal, note that the response letter to the reviewers is different from the cover letter used at initial be sure to use the journal's own terminology to refer to the article type for example, some journals use the term “regular articles” for a full research paper.
  • You have in mind all of the submission criteria for journal where you are submitting your manuscript you find this is because tailoring your cover letter to the interests of the individual editor who will read your article helps to make a good first impression this is cover letters for scientific manuscripts.
  • The cover letter is your first formal interaction with a journal, and it embodies a request, so to speak, to consider your article for publication but it also provides you with an excellent opportunity to present the significance of your scientific contribution i've worked as an editor for primary research and review.

Write carefully many authors rush to finish the cover letter during the submission process remember that the cover letter may be the only thing that the editor reads give it the same effort you gave your manuscript 5 outline the goal of a good cover letter the structure of a good cover letter other. Recently, a researcher asked me a question i bet many authors have wondered about: “why bother to write a cover letter when the abstract and opening page of the article convey the essential information about the article's subject and authors ” that's a reasonable question for researchers burdened with a. All cover letters should contain these sentences: we confirm that this manuscript has not been published elsewhere and is not under consideration by another journal all authors have approved the manuscript and agree with its submission to [insert the name of the target journal] submission checklist before submitting. These sample letters demonstrate how to present your work professionally & persuasively an excellent cover letter is a valuable asset when submitting a scientific or academic paper to a journal editor, but cover letters are notoriously difficult to write.

covering letter for academic journal submission Suggested jgim cover letter templates (essential and expanded) dear author your cover letter is the first piece of your work that we read we have included 2 templates, that both satisfy submission requirements for the journal cover letter 2 template provides additional context for the editors, which might be useful for a. covering letter for academic journal submission Suggested jgim cover letter templates (essential and expanded) dear author your cover letter is the first piece of your work that we read we have included 2 templates, that both satisfy submission requirements for the journal cover letter 2 template provides additional context for the editors, which might be useful for a.
Covering letter for academic journal submission
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